Day 0 (Brooklyn, USA)

What’s amazing is that no matter how much time you think you have when you get ready it’s never much more than you needed. I had 3 tasks at home and the last one was to pack my radio away after the Howard Stern show was over and cancel my subscription. I was planning for noon. I was ready to pull the plug when my subtenant suddenly appeared and loaded my living room with huge boxes. So I never got to do it. Not a problem since he’s not actually moving in until Sunday and I missed a good 30 minutes of my favorite show which I can now listen to later when I’m back from lunch and killing time before the flight.

So the morning flew by with only 2 small errands and as a bonus I got to see the amount of stuff Chris brought to this place. Admittedly the largest boxes are only holding suits and his computer takes a lot of space as well but the rest should be stowable once he goes to town with it.

My apartment is probably cleaner than it’s ever been. I took the good old oven cleaner for anything grimy and wow, I’ve never seen the kitchen so shiny. God knows what this stuff is made of. It’s a shame I clean only for others but my guess is that I will have to do it again when I’m back.

I still have my cold and the sore throat came back but I’m determined to ignore it, that has always worked well in the past. Right now I’m sitting at Coco Roco, a Peruvian joint on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, and I’m so happy that I can smell the chicken they’re roasting. I haven’t smelled or tasted anything in days. I desperately wanted a beer last night but I skipped it since there’s no joy in a buzz without the taste. This should be good!


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