Simien Mountains and Gondar (ET)

The past two nights we bushcamped in the beautiful Simien Mountains. At night it got so cold that even my thermals had a rough time keeping me warm. In the first night we also had a loud thunderstorm right above us which went on for hours, dumped tons of freezing rainwater on the tents and lit up the sky constantly. After that and the ongoing rain on Sunday I never really got warm again until after the shower I just took.

Tents in the mist


In the mountains we saw jackals, bush buck, ravens and ibex, heard wild pigs and hyenas at night and made friends with the funny looking Gelada baboons. They are fairly tame and let you approach them as they sit on the ground and pick up grass with their long black hands. They look like regular baboons with a fur coat on but they are actually not even baboons.

Simien fox


We took a hike on Sunday morning which confirmed how horribly unfit I’ve become. My solution to this is that I will book a hiking trip in Morocco at the end of July. One could say that at 3,500 meters elevation everyone would huff and puff like a steam engine but I know better.
We were literally in the middle of nowhere but it was again a National Park which means we had to take a guide and two armed guards with us. At night when I went for a pee one of them followed me to make sure I wouldn’t get eaten by a leopard. These guys didn’t even sleep, they sat by the fire and talked all night. I always wonder what they have to say all day, at each camp people talk nonstop.


We saw a spectacular waterfall, spectacular because of its 600 meter drop. It floors me that so many beautiful places in nature are not better known.


This morning we packed up the camp and drove the 100km to Gondar. A nice hotel that just had to refill their water tank because I was doing my laundry in the bathtub (which is not allowed). It’s still a bit rainy but it’s probably nice to be a bit colder before we hit the Sudan…


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