Marrakech, our last stop (MA)

A local bus took us to Marrakech today. I immediately went to the train station to buy my overnight train ticket to Tangier on Friday. If I hadn’t gotten one today I would have had to buy a flight ticket and they were really expensive. Unfortunately single compartments do not exist on this train so I will share with three others and hope they are not annoying. It was cheaper this way…more money for ice cream, yay.

My subsequent ice cream cost three times as much as previous ones and twice as much as my cheapest dinner in a restaurant.

It’s hot and a bit humid here again, and Marrakech is big. We are a 25 minute walk away from the medina. On the way there we passed plenty of pizzerias and night clubs, even two huge supermarkets. There are many tourists and the city looks just like that: a city.

The medina is huge. Just huge. We got lost instantly but found the big plaza Djemma El Fna by coincidence. It has over a hundred food stands and more fresh orange juice vendors than I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately it is not possible to navigate the place without getting hassled to death. Everyone thinks you need to eat at their stand and people will grab your arm to pull you over.

We went for a walk through the souq instead and I even split from the group in a stupid moment of thinking that I would finally do some shopping. Bad mistake. I got hassled so aggressively that I decided I had enough for good. When we met at the plaza again for dinner I was ready to kill someone.

The food we had was completely underwhelming. I ordered the national dish; cous cous, and it arrived undercooked and flavorless, with a dry piece of chicken. The little sausages we had as a side were slightly better.

On the way home I wanted to swing by the supermarket for water but we didn’t find it anymore. It was already 10pm and it would have probably been closed anyway. However there wasn’t a single cornerstore anywhere either. I ended up walking an extra 30 minutes from the hotel and getting somewhat lost in the process.

The hassling and inconveniences (no water, expensive beer) is getting to me today. I’m ready to go home.


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