Retail therapy and alcohol tolerance (MA)

I was in a better mood today but still not willing to take on the medina again. After I sufficiently carbed up at breakfast (not one healthy thing on display, apart from the daily yogurt I bring to the table) I set out to walk along the main road towards the medina and/or the famous garden with a potential to go shopping for either clothes or groceries if I find the supermarket again instead. And if not there are palaces and tombs to see as well.
Right away I got pulled into a modern fashion store at the Plaza de la Liberte where I spent not a lot of money for a bunch of tshirts. I continued the cheap shirt spree for a few more hours around the plaza. The tshirts are of the kind ‘wear this summer, then discard’, I’m neither particularly fond of them nor do they fit me perfectly. I just needed new things, and ideally I should get some loose fitting skirts with them. Unfortunately my belly is too big right now to fit properly into anything.
It was great not to be bothered at all while shopping. I probably bought more because of that. Only when I left the store I got all kinds of comments again. I’m so done with that.

On the way back I found the supermarkets and even met the others there. It was a real supermarket, a big one, with a beer aisle! I had to have it, along with real cheese and some chocolate. What a glorious day.

The afternoon we spent drinking poolside. I seem to have lost my beer tolerance on this trip, I was out cold for two hours after two cans of the light Moroccoan brew ‘Flag’. Sad.

All our great plans to go out for dinner later didn’t kick into effect either and I didn’t even care.


One response to “Retail therapy and alcohol tolerance (MA)

  1. Hey! Where’s the end???!! I know you had a few days of travel after this! Let us know how it all ends!

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