Goodbye Marrakech (MA)

We managed to spend exactly 20 minutes at the Jardin Mayorelle, a very beautiful but small private garden that was bought by Yves Saint Laurent at some point. Most flowers must have bloomed already so mostly we saw cacti and palm trees. There is a small museum of islamic art inside the garden, from further away it looks like an Ikea as it is painted in the blue/yellow pattern Ikea uses. The museum was closed for “repairs of renovation”. Guess the renovation work was done sloppily.

There was also a garden restaurant but the prices were outrageous. When enough kids and tourists in hot pants had gotten on our nerves we left.


For the next two hours I wandered around the new part of town as well as parts of the medina. Fridays most shops are closed and the vendors who are outside leave you alone.

I took some pictures of “fuck the police” graffiti that was partially covered by anti-King slogans in Arabic, a happy teenager translated that for me. It was pretty hot and I got a final African sunburn.


Sadly I then spent the next three hours in Joel’s room getting sucked into the Real Housewives of Orange County and a Turkish horror movie dubbed in Arabic that we guessed the plot to. Our group had shrunk to three people and everyone was ready to go home so the energy level was below zero. I actually felt dumber when I left that room.

Joel and I celebrated our last night in Morocco – with pasta and pizza, as one would.


Finally at 9 pm I boarded the night train to Tangier. I shared the sleeper compartment with three Moroccan ladies who went to bed early. The ride was fast and smooth and I even slept a bit. Luckily we had air conditioning so the temperature was good for sleeping. I had a dream that a spaceship landed nearby and after a very old boss of mine told me that the main alien was the ‘ambassador of the internet’ I was very glad that my parents and I were selected to get onboard. Time to wake up.


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